Goliath Level 11 Games 2005

This was made by the graduating class of the first intake of Media Design School's Graduate Diploma in Game Development in Auckland, New Zealand. This is a team-based vehicle action game. The player takes on the role of one of 3 human or AI controlled vehicles known as the Road Warriors defending a world under siege from an enormous and seemingly indestructible tank known as the Goliath. The player has a choice between multiple vehicle types, ranging from agile dune buggies to heavily armoured trucks, and multiple weapons. While the long-term objective of the Road Warriors is to destroy the Goliath, the player will have to manage a number of objectives such as rebuilding factories (to produce the different types of vehicles available to the player) and protecting other buildings and vehicles in the game. Goliath is playable single-player or with up to 16 players in multiplayer. The multiplayer mode is co-op and is identical to single player mode. Players may join a multiplayer game already in progress and replace one of the existing AI controlled Road Warriors, ensuring 16 Road Warriors are present in the game at all times.
Free Game 103MB (uploaded by Izzy Games)

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