Bumer: Torn Towers [Ru] Gaijin Entertainment / 1C 2003

Bumer ia a shooter in first-person view and with dizzying car chases. The game is created by the same movie studios who also did "Brother 2". The game includes video sequences and the original soundtrack of the eponymous film, and allows you to more fully experience the atmosphere of the film. It gives players the opportunity to rewrite the story, without going beyond its basic outline. The action game is set, the same as in the movie, immediately after the sudden quarrel with the main characters of "cool" gangsters and the murder of a gangster, the owner of "scabs" FSB. Follow the chain of fateful events of four friends who set out the law, and they are forced to flee the city. During the game, they will leave a serious-minded pursuit of the mob, hide from the guardians of the rule of law, engage in fierce firefights and fight for their lives. They understand that they have no way back, and black "Boomer" is their last hope for survival. It features a modern criminal game world in Russia, and the original soundtrack by the music group "Leningrad". There's realistic physics model of the car, simulation of fabrics/clothes simulation, skeletal animation, facial expressions, synchronization with speech (technology LifeStudio: HEAD).
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo 981MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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