Soldier Of Fortune Online DragonFly / Netmarble, CJ E&M Games, Activision 2011

This is a free online version of Soldier Of Fortune: Payback. This game is restricted for adults as the game is very violent when it comes to killing other players. You will see lots of blood, gore, and flying limbs everywhere in the tradition of the game series. Players can not only equip the weapons common in real life to join various international combats, but also enjoy the iconic rag doll system and the vivid scenes of cut-off limbs and heads. With the adoption of the brand-new engine, it also enables players to hurt the foes’ limbs in more ways. For example, the leg can now be destroyed into foot, ankle, lower leg and thigh. Foes will also be killed not that directly, but with their brains splashing or skulls cracked. Moreover, characters will have different responses when being shot at different body parts, and the powerful ammunition may separate their body apart. All these are designed to present players with vivid combats. You can use diverse movement elements such as kicks. In 8 different game modes and 10 different maps in the classic 8-vs.-8 modes you fight as mercenary against other guerilla groups. The game was shut down on Dec 7/2012.
Download: None currently available

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