Abo Hadeed [Ar] Khayal Interactive Entertainment 2007

This is the first full fledged 3D PC and network game ever to be inspired by the Egyptian environment and was made with the Torque engine. The game is a third person shooter action game, where the pratagonist ( Abo Hadeed ) struggles against various criminal groups in various Egyptian scenes. There are 3 singleplayer and 10 multiplayer levels. Through those adventures, Abo Hadeed fights different enemies, solves difficult puzzles and discovers a lot of staggering revelations. The game takes place entirely in modern-day Egypt. The village is attacked by the men of Abo Ismaeel, and the story begins by the people from the village asking from Abo Hadeed to have revenge on Abo Ismaeel and his men. Players control him as he travels through urban areas and countryside in search for Abo Ismaeel. He will fight various thugs, criminals and terrorists using unique weapons known to the peoples of his region, for instance, the "shuma" stick, "nebla" slingshot, "senga" sword, or the "satoor" knife.
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Level Demo ~90MB ( @ Official Site)
Custom Arabian ISO Demo 218MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)
Arabian Full Demo + Wallpapers/Screenshots (provided by Animal Bear & upped by Scaryfun) 287MB

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