Soldier Front 2 / S.K.I.L.L.: Special Force 2 / Special Force 2: Tornado Force Aeria Games / Dragonfly, Tian City 2011

This is the sequel to the Korean FPS Special Force (known in English as Soldier Front) and it uses the Unreal Engine 3. The game features a large amount of team combat modes, including a unique MOBA-style scenario and a co-op mode pitting players against waves of encroaching aliens. An achievement system is built into the game for the players who love completing optional objectives to rack up achievement points. For fans of customizing their weapons and gear, rejoice as the feature will be included as well. This game has faster gameplay with unlimited sprinting being possible. Objects can detonate and have direct impact, but also parts of buildings can be detonated with explosives, unblocking new passages. An aiming feature has been added with the classical zoom-in feature to the target. An English version came out in 2013. On Aug 20/2019, the game was shut down.
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Free Korean Open Beta (uploaded by Official Site)
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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