Acid Arena Monster Blast / Acid Arena Turbo Jean Luc Renin and others 2003

This unique looking psychedelic standalone game with bright colors using the Quake III engine was initially called Acid Arena Turbo but with version 3, it's now known as Monster Blast. There's a total of 23 maps and 52 characters currently. All the weapons have been re-designed. It now supports mods like these available now: akimbo mod (shoot with two weapons), Corkscrew (railgun only and decapitation), and Alternate Fire (each weapon has two functions). There's also tons of cool new features like dynamic jumps, and new items. The maps are made up of great textures, animations, and color. Most of the characters look real nice and eviL; and they run, crawl, backflip, and dance with your bullets flawlessly and smoothly. The sound is excellent across the board. All the guns sound just like you'd expect them to sound, and the music is dead on. The announcer is your typical Unreal Tournament/Quake III anouncer, and she'll occasionally spout out things like "Wow", and "Impressive". It's definitely not for the young ones as it features gore galore, some extremely grotesque imagery, and a little bit of profanity.
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Free Standalone Game (@ Official Site)
Free Standalone Game ~150MB (@ Download

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