FSAA Patch & Hi-Res Textures 2005

This features enhanced Blood Pools Reflections, enhanced Aura Vision, enhanced Glass Transparency, enhanced Fog, 33% faster shader programs and multi-GPU CUDA Support. Moreover, you can enjoy the HD textures. This incredibly enchances Bloodrayne 2 visuals and performance including: Full Screen Anti-Aliasing FSAA (All the AA modes are supported); Custom Resolution & Aspect Ratio; Custom Refresh Rate & VSync; Multiple speed & memory optimizations; Enhanced Dynamic Shadows; Enhanced Dynamic Reflections; Enhanced Aura Vision (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Blood Pools Reflections (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Water Transparency (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Blood Fields (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Wave Pools (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Glass Transparency (with Perlin Noise); Enhanced Fog (with Perlin noise); HUD Resize; High Definition Textures Support !!! (for the BloodRayne 2 HD project); Texture Compression with Built-in Multi-Threaded Memory Manager; Multi-Threaded SSE3 Assembler Optimized Effects; Custom Perlin Noise Benchmark Tool; Logitech G15 LCD support; Fix for the black screen cut scenes; In-game OSD to change the options of the patch, on the fly; External Configuration Tool for the options of the patch; Multi-GPU CUDA Support for the Perlin Noise. Supported BloodRayne 2 Versions: Retail (CD/DVD & US/international), Demo, Steam (avoid the steam community interface, it causes problems with the patch), and other online distribution versions.
Download v1.666 + HD ACT 1 & 2 BASE + Win8/10 Fix 482kb+710MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Hd textures (all four) + podExplorer.exe and PodTools.exe 2.65GB (uploaded by yamibito)

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