HeliCOPS Paragon Visual Systems / 7th Level, Inc. 1997

The City of NeoTokyo has been infested by the criminal activities of the Nemesys syndicate. Out of control and with traditional policing methods inadequate to handle the military might that the Syndicate seems to have access to, NeoTokyo's police force has put together a special task force: The Helicops. Stealthy and Secretive, they're mission is to surprise the Syndicate's forces at every turn and use their available weaponry to destroy their forces utterly. The game is a 3D Helicopter game with a view in the cockpit and externally. You choose one of 5 pilots, each with different stats, followed by choosing one of 5 different helicopters, each specially equipped. Once in the cockpit, you have controls of moving left, right, forward and back and have targeting information to help you aim your weapons. Objectives between missions are unique and varied, missions themselves being selectable and able to be played in any order.
Full ISO Demo 249mb (uploaded by Egon68)
Level Demo 10MB (uploaded by Download.com)
OEM Clone ISO Demo 329MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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