Air Duel: 80 Years of Dogfighting / Dogfight: 80 Years of Aerial Warfare Vektor Grafix Ltd / MicroProse Software, Inc. 1993

As the name suggests, this flight simulation gives you a chance to fly most of the famous fighter models from World War 1 to the present day. You can fly the Sopwith Camel, the Spitfire, the F-4 Phantom, the Harrier Jump Jet, the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the Fokker DR1, and the MiG-23, each with realistic and functional cockpit features. The game offers 6 historical missions, a duel mode and a "What If?" air duel. In the latter, you can apply weapons from different time periods to aircraft, and try to shoot down a modern plane using an older one.
Full Demo ( @ My Abandonware)
Floppy Images ISO Demo 4.69MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
CD ISO Demo 4.53MB (uploaded by

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