Barrage Mango Grits / Activision, Inc. 1998

Barrage is a 3D shooter in which the player pilots a futuristic aircraft. The purpose of the game is to destroy as many targets as possible within a certain time limit. This action takes place in five different environments: Prairie, Tunnel, Canyon, Chicago and Ocean. In each environment there is a new weapon added with its own advantages to find and master. In a high-speed hover fighter aircraft you can fly freely anywhere in outdoor, underground and underwater 3D environments. Blast away at the military targets, watch out for their return fire as you race to locate the portal and activate the gateway into the next world before the clock runs down and your fuel runs out. Great flight dynamics using simple flight and fire controls, spectacular explosions and wild pyrotechnics along with great enemy AI and bystander reaction add to the thrill of competing and the pure joy of flying unrestricted. The game supports Internet, modem, serial link and LAN multiplayer for 2 to 8 players in four environments.
ISO Demo 295MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
No-CD Patch for modern o/s 1.41MB (uploaded by Tranit)

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