Resident Evil 1.5 / Biohazard 2 Prototype (cancelled) Capcom 1997

Then along Leon Kennedy's path he encountered a woman named... Elza Walker? Wait! What story is this? Here is a case of practice makes perfect. What is referred to as Resident Evil 1.5 was supposed to be the first sequel to Resident Evil. Leon would've been in this game but instead of Claire having a character role, it would've been a girl named Elza. After almost completing the game it was entirely scrapped and revised from scratch. In the better opinion of producer Shinji Mikami, restarting Resident Evil 2 was a necessary step to take for the creation of a worthy sequel. In subtle comparisons to the two Resident Evil sequel concepts, RE 1.5 has modern looking buildings and overweight cops as opposed to RE 2 having old-fashion looking buildings and thin cops. An item in RE 1.5 that unfortunately isn't in RE 2 is a bullet proof vest that changes a character's appearance, increases personal storage capacity, adds to the character's endurance against attacks, and even stains of blood during prolonged moments of being attacked. Though what finally became Resident Evil 2 can easily be said is a fantastic game, one sometimes can't help to be curious about what might've been. Developed simultaneously for both the Saturn and PlayStation, Capcom's Survival Horror sequel was not coming along as planned. Production Studio 2 then restarted the project, but sadly it was too late for a Saturn version. As a footnote, it is believed that the Saturn prototype was approximately 15% complete, as opposed to the PlayStation's 75-80%. In the latter's case, only the last few sections were supposedly needed before testing would have begun. Also, the very first Japanese television commercial for this game showed not only a Saturn logo but plenty of footage from the original PS code. The Japanese Resident Evil Director's Cut Edition comes packed with a bonus disc, in which there are four gameplay videos of Resident Evil 1.5
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Biohazard 2 Prototype - v0.1.0-b (Pre-Alpha) (thanks to GigaWatt) 56MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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