Cabela's Big Game Hunter II Elsinore Multimedia Inc. / HeadGames Publishing, Inc. 1998

On this hunting trip, the player will visit four distinct locations and environments including Alberta, Colorado, New Mexico and the African Plains in search of 18 varied species. It utilizes over 300 live action videos, realistic sound effects and variable weather to create wilderness conditions conducive to hunting big game. Special effects such as snow, darkness, rain, storms and lightning test each hunter's knowledge of terrain and hunting techniques. Sixteen weapons are available for the cyber-hunter in the guise of nine rifles, three different bows, three specialty guns and a shotgun. There are 16 types of ammunition, 50 specific 3D hunting locations and a hunting catalog with over 80 items including ten hunting calls. Gameplay options allow for user adjustments to features such as frequency of background sounds (five settings ranging from rare to constant), video display size (small, medium, large) and appearance of weapon reticles (small crosshair, large scope or weapon) that can enhance game speed. Selection of gender is an option as are the three settings of difficulty levels (beginner, advanced, expert) that affect in-game aspects such as money, health and animal activity. The 18 species are realistically placed within specific hunting areas. For example, a trip to Colorado will find animals like elk, cougar, wild turkey and mule deer. Go to the African Plains and expect to encounter cape buffalo, warthogs, wild turkey and zebra or head to the cold country of Alberta and stalk bear, caribou, moose, large bucks and even mountain goats. Finally, journey to the arid, dry lands of New Mexico where mule deer, desert deer and pronghorn antelope play. It also contains a hunting safety guide and rules for each region and the player can earn extra points for use in the equipment shop by correctly answering at least eight of ten questions.

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Clone ISO Demo 762MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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