Retribution Gremlin Interactive Ltd. / Astros Productions 1994

Decent 3D shooter from Gremlin that tries hard to enhance the immersion with Wing Commander-style "interactive screens" between missions.The plot: as the name implies, fight to avenge the fallen of your race that have been "harvested" by the evil Krellans (no relation to Star Fleet games). Cutscenes and digitized speech both add to the atmosphere. Between missions, you can wander around in the base talking to different characters (who look remarkably similar to pilots in Wing Commander 1), who often have tips or info on the backstory. The 3D landscapes in Retribution are very smooth and detailed, with good gouraud-shading effects similar to NovaLogic games. Gremlin touted their technology as logi-scape real time landscape generating technology incorporating new "Deep Horizon' format, and the results are great to look at. Retribution is a very challenging game that gets very hard very fast. With eleven major campaigns, each with 4 highly strategic missions, and 8 training missions to enhance performance, Retribution will keep the most expert of pilots occupied for some time
Full Demo 92MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)
ISO Demo 113MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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