S2 Sector Slug (Project Raw) CJ GameLabs (Korea) / NetMarble 2012

S2 Sector Slug is a free-to-play online action shooter and concepted by the producer Seunghoon Paek, who was substantially responsible for the development of Sudden Attack at the studio GameHi. CJ E&M acquired the part of GameHi and integrated the development teams into the subsidiary CJ GameLabs. The story of S2 Sector Slug is set in the last years of the 21st century in a world in which systems have collapsed and crime rules the street: a constant fight of Gangsters vs. Police SWAT teams. S2 features rather a "fun" gameplay and focusses on the development of the game character, than convincing through realistic graphics and effects. This crime'-themed action online shooter has Team death match, round-based, capture bombs and capture game modes in Beta version. There's more than 1,500 weapons through various customization options possible. The game shut down on July 23/2013.
Download: None currently available

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