Quake 2: Unseen (cancelled) Tequila Software 1998

Three UK teenagers aged between14 and15 get together (Peter Hopkins, Tom Francis and David Wilson) decided to start creating a freeware 'Mission Pack' for Quake 2. It goes public, people from around the world start to get involved. News sites pick up on it; begin to call it "official" as it carries the title "mission Pack" which has been trademarked by Id Software for their products. Unknown to them at the time, they are informed by Id to lose the "mission pack" title. It was renamed to expansion pack. It's a 12 level Quake 2 SP map pack weighing about 200 megabytes with 13 new weapons, 13 new enemies, 4 new bosses, 5 deathmatch levels, and engine enhancements. A publisher gets interested in the product. Tequila goes through various meetings but end up with a choice - pay various companies who hold the rights to the game for licence agreements or let it be 'unseen'. The latter was the final decision. Tequila Software was then informed by the publishers to create an "expansion pack" for a game they hold rights to and publish. The concept for Blood 2: Revelations is born. Tequila works on Revelations for 6-8 months before the publisher decides it’s a no go due to limited sales of Blood 2.
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Free Expansion & patches (provided by vicpas, Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) *requires Quake 2* 75MB
Free Expansion & patches *requires Quake 2* 75MB (uploaded by vicpas)

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