Manhunter / Sniper: The Manhunter Silden / Akella 2012

From the Polish makers of Chernobyl Terrorist Attack comes this game where you play as Vlad - the bounty hunter, an assassin with principles. Despite the six-figure sum in royalties, his skill is far from ideal having no idea who the target is. In this extreme case you have a coordinator Max, a think-tank team, carefully pointing where to go and whom to shoot. Mow through the guards (a hundred, no less), Vlad has prepared the rifle, took careful aim, and instead accidentally shoots the defense minister. It turns out it was a trap rigged by powerful enemies of the protagonist. The next contract is in Murmansk, and you should depart immediately. In fact, Vlad is the brother of George of the Chernobyl Terrorist Attack. The family resemblance is obvious: the inability to run fast, good health, instant regeneration, superhuman stamina.
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DVD ISO Demo 1.48GB (uploaded by Terje_P)

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