ARA NGC 6397 I. Hoffman & Associates Inc / H + A Action Games 1998

This catchy title (LOL) refers to a real dense globular cluster of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. In this rail shooter cyberpunk adventure, Earth has been taken over by an unpopular governing alliance called The Syndicate, who have been locked in a vicious struggle to maintain their dominance over humanity. Become an undercover agent and unravel the plots of conspiracy-seeking journalists, mad scientists, and the Syndicate alliance. The game is divided into three levels, the first and third being a virtual shooter and the second a graphic adventure. You land in a group that survived the effects of an mind-controlling virus, and disembark from a spaceship to a space station. The shooting levels are just a matter of aiming and shooting enemies in each room. At some points, we can speak with our companion, to issue orders to him. In the second level we will not have to use our weapon, but will have to use diverse objects to be able to escape. We can move between rooms, and manipulate objects where the cursor becomes a hand. Basically, the problems of this game are the total lack of freedom and its short duration. The game can be finished in one hour by an average player. If you do not win a battle which does not lead to the correct solution of the game, we die and must return to the beginning of the level.
Full Demo 94MB (uploaded by keropi)
ISO Demo ~327MB (by Scaryfun)

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