3D Hunting: Grizzly ManMachine Games / Macmillan Digital Publishing 1998

Track grizzly bears from a first-person perspective through interactive 3D landscapes in a virtual world filled with realistic environmental touches such as streams, hills, valleys and different types of foliage so there's no threat of a large bear tearing a chunk from your buttocks. In order to successfully hunt and kill a grizzly bear, you need to master various tools, such as bait types, binoculars, scopes, and camouflage outfits that match the terra firma, as well as traps and weapons. There are four weapons to choose (including bolt and lever action rifles) that become progressively harder to use, although more effective. And don't forget your faithful hunting dog. Although you can hunt in a free-roaming, non-linear fashion, there is a Maneater Mission mode that allows you to track bears down before they kill again. After mastering the art of grizzly bear hunting, you have the option of hanging with human players in an online multi-player mode via the Internet or a direct cable connection linking two computers. It features weather, and night and day effects. You can also snap photographs for a digital album -- take pictures of fallen grizzly bears or the surrounding scenery.
Full Demo 20MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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