Quest for Al-Qa'eda: The Hunt for Bin Laden Jesse Petrilla / American Productions 2002

This DOS game using Build Engine has 3 levels, and the player is dropped by helicopter in the heart of Al-Qa'eda territory. You must travel through caves, bunkers, and deserts battling against Osama bin Laden's Al-Qa'eda cronies. It's basically a standalone Duke Nukem mod but got media attention as it was made by an 18 year old and released after 9/11. The game supposedly got 2 million downloads. The QFA Expansion pack features new levels, new graphics, and a new Osama Boss at the end of the game. In 2006, this game was reskinned as Quest For Bush.
Free Game 9MB (uploaded by
Expansion Pack 3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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