Mountain Game Hunter Aludra Software / Expert Software 1998

North American Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, Bull Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lions. You experience the thrill of tracking and taking down North American big game animals - and never think twice about seasons, permits, or tags! Choose your hunting spot, your prey, and your weapon, and set off by foot or jeep on pulse-quickening adventures that will test the limit of your hunting skills and knowledge. Take down your target in one clean shot - or you may become the hunted. Get ready for the good times - and good hunting. Select from spectacularly scenic locations in Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming. Outfit yourself with all the gear you need for the big hunt - and some fine kills - including crossbows, muzzle loaders and rifles. True-to-life animal action keeps your adrenaline flowing and your senses keen.
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