Safari Hunter Aludra Software / Expert Software, Inc. 1998

This is the wildest hunting adventure expedition you can experience on your computer. It's open season and your chance to bring down elephants, lions, zebra, and rhinoceros. On this rugged safari, you're in charge of selecting the terrain, locating the prey, choosing your weapon and tracking your compass positioning. Be steadfast, yet very quiet in your pursuit -- if the animals smell or hear you, you'll lose them for sure. When you've located your target, it's ready, aim, fire! But, don't miss your shot or you'll become the target of one angry charging animal. Also, be sure to stick to your initial target, shooting the wrong, and sometimes endangered, animal can put you behind bars. This easy-to-use adventure game allows you to pursue animals on foot or travel over African territory in your safari vehicle. Seek out your elusive prey in one of four different types of rugged terrain. Pick your weapon from a variety of hunting gear including an AK-47, handgun, rifle or shotgun and equip yourself with accessories such as radar to locate your target and binoculars to get a closer look at the animal. Realistic sound effects surround you in the wilds of Africa and create an exhilarating hunting experience. At the end of your expedition, proudly display your conquests in The Trophy Room, if you live to recount the tales of the hunt, that is.
ISO Demo 41MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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