Cabela's Big Game Hunter III Elsinore Multimedia Inc. / Head Games Publishing, Inc. 1999

Seasoned outdoorsmen and armchair hunters alike can now enjoy more virtual hunting thrills in four new worlds packed with new animals, weapons and over 350 live action clips. Enjoy your virtual trips to the forests of the Alaskan Highlands, the mountains of the Idaho Rockies, the Georgia Woodlands, and the Texas Plains. Hunt 11 different game species ranging from big horn sheep and black bear to caribou and moose in their natural habitats, but don't hit the 18 non-game or protected species! Over 20 different weapons, over a dozen hunting aids (lures, calls, etc.), and even tests on hunting safety, ethics, and wilderness survival. Do a quick hunt, or enjoy the full "camp" or "stalk" modes in either 1st or 3rd person. It features real-life hunting rules and regulations as well as the latest "must-have" hunting gear from Cabela's. Vast hunting regions, an extensive inventory of gear, firearms, and bows, and multiple hunting options make this the most involving hunting title to date and offers the player unprecedented gameplay depth and replay value.

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Clone 2CD ISO Demo 909MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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