Opening Weekend: Varmint Season ManMachine Games / Mindscape Inc. 1999

Like its predecessors, gameplay involves three basic steps: choose a weapon, pick a region in which to hunt, then go hunting. In Varmint, you choose from any one of three environments including a partially cloudy morning in the wilds of Oregon, rocky terrain in the late afternoon of the Idaho hill country or a valley under overcast skies in the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania. Up to four hunters can participate on the same computer, with scores tracked for kills and accuracy. In this first-person 3D wilderness hunting adventure, you'll choose from an arsenal of five weapons, each designed to test your distance and tracking skills. For hunting small animals, you'll have the .22 and .25 rifles, a .415 shotgun for wide area coverage (not enough pellets to shred small game), a medium range aluminum blowgun that puts the emphasis on stealth and position and a modern slingshot, or WristRocket. Eight types of varmints or critters are available for hunting in the various regions and are designed to emulate realistic animal behaviors including eating, drinking and roaming habits. Badgers, coyotes, mountain lions, opossums, rabbits, raccoons, rats and squirrels await you in the killing fields. As with the other games of the series, you have a full range of movement available including sneaking, crouching, sidestepping, jumping and running plus complete directional freedom to track, hide and look. Both keyboard and mouse input is supported and Direct3D graphic cards are supported.
ISO Demo 53MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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