African Safari Trophy Hunter 3D Quantum Axcess / WizardWorks Group, Inc. 1998

This features powerful weapons (bolt action rifle with scope and big bore double barrel rifle), a full ecosystem bustling with African wildlife, and the ability to climb trees to scope out your surroundings. Check out movements on the horizon with your binoculars or drive around the landscape in your trusty truck. The game supports 3D acceleration for enhanced environmental views. Hunting areas include remote lands such as Zimbabwe's Humani and Chewore locales. Wild game includes elephants, zebra, kudu, and eland, as well as predators, such as lions, crocodiles, and vultures. Track and take down animals by locating your prey with a variety of items including binoculars, a compass, a wind direction indicator, and camera.
Full Demo 46MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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