Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter: Interactive Big Game Hunting Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 1999

This is the first in another series from the makers of Deer Hunter. It takes players to Colorado, Montana, and New Mexico for some hunting action during morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Animals that can be hunted include deer, elk, bear, and bighorn sheep. Gamers can hunt using either a bow, muzzle loader, rifle, shotgun and revolver. They can also use cover scent, attraction, animal calls, tree stands, bear bait, and binoculars. Animals can be tracked by blood trails, tracks, droppings, rubbings, paths, bedding areas, and aerial maps.

Also see: #Alaskan Expedition

Full Demo 22MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
ISO Demo 21MB (uploaded by GigaWatt)

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