Field & Stream: Trophy Hunting EAI Interactive / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1999

this is a game for real hunters who are just too busy to do the real thing or for the occasional "closet" hunter. This 3D successor to the original Trophy Buck offers hundreds of miles of hunting environments and endless hours of virtual hunting. The designers have combined 3D graphics with a list of features to create a realistic hunting experience. Hunt elk and moose along with whitetail and mule deer. Explore eight world-class hunting areas that are recreated in accurate detail. Bring along your maps and look carefully for tracks and signs as you stalk, stand or crouch among the habitat. Additional product features include "superworlds" re-created from actual U.S. Geological Survey topographical maps and the expertise of local hunting guides, refined species tracking and signs (snow tracks, blood, tree rubbings, and trails), and improved species AI. Expanded firearm, bow and gear selection and multiple difficulty levels allow you to adjust your hunt to fit your skill level. You can hunt online with friends and family.
Download: None currently available

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