Flying Saucer PostLinear Entertainment / JoWooD Productions / Software 2000 1998

You are Boon, a military pilot, who lives together with Emily in a house somewhere in the USA. Your brother Steven disappeared during a thunderstorm when he was on a military mission. When you get a telepathic message from him, you travel to Dreamland (Area 51) in Nevada. Fleeing from the military forces you find yourself inside a huge hall with a flying saucer at the center. The game starts when you enter the UFO and lift off. The game leads through 22 terrestrial and extra-terrestrial missions, where you have to fight the military as well as an alien race called the "Cyners". These tentacle creatures hunt the greys (the friendly aliens) and want to destroy the earth. Your mission is to stop them.
Full Demo with Windows 95 Emulator 621MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)
ISO Demo 656MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Full Demo 63MB (uploaded by

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