Duck Hunter Pro Diversions Software, Inc / Head Games Publishing, Inc. 1999

Ducks Unlimited cooperated in the making of this simulation of the suspense-packed life of a duck hunter. The organization protects habitat for ducks and to be enjoyed by duck hunters. Firstly he has to decide to which of the 16 hunting locations he wants to travel. Then he lies in the grass, lures the ducks with decoys and duck calls and when a unsuspecting animal crosses his sight he takes one of his three shotguns. But hold! Now he has to ask himself the question if this is one of the ducks he is allowed to hunt. The game features ten different ducks and depending on the time of year and the hunting location not every one of them is free to shoot. If the answer is positive he kills it using his standard FPS controls and his trusty dog fetches it. At the end of the day he counts his points and can go home satisfied.
ISO Demo 603MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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