Comanche Gold NovaLogic, Inc. 1998

This is a repackaging of the best-selling helicopter simulation of 1997, Comanche 3, with a host of new features. It has an enhanced version of Novalogic's patented VoxelSpace2 engine with new weather effects. There's 4 new campaigns in addition to the 5 original Comanche 3 campaigns, and over 80 missions (8 in each campaign, plus other single missions). Missions span from Ukraine, Jordan, Siberia, Cuba, to Iraq, and it includes a new mission editor. It now allows player to configure weapon loadouts for each mission and increases screen resolutions from 320 x 200 to 800 x 600.
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Level Demo 12MB (uploaded by CNET
Clone ISO Demo 504MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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