Buckmasters Deer Hunting Sunstorm Interactive, Inc. / WizardWorks Software 2000

Master hunter and television host Jackie Bushman offers expertise on equipment, locations, weapons, and accessories in this follow-up to the commercially successful Deer Hunter. Full-motion video footage includes on-demand hunting and safety tips, as well as strategic insights into the art of deer stalking, whether hunting alone or with Bushman as your guide. In the Buckmasters Challenge segment, a series of four hunts with specific preset equipment, seasonal conditions, and locations test your skills and hunting prowess. Once completed, the areas, each containing only one monster buck worthy of a trophy, become available for multiplayer action, ensuring your companions will be expert hunters. Up to eight players can join in cooperative or competitive modes via Internet or LAN. Additional features include a sponsor menu detailing products and companies seen on the Buckmasters television program, a hunter creation option, inventory management, season or quick hunt modes, and a manual with tips and recommended hunting methods. A practice target range allows you to sight-in your weapons prior to a hunt, keyboard controls can be mapped to personal preference, and bragging rights can be settled using the Buckmasters Trophy Records Scoring System. There's four different locations and you can use a full complement of rifles, bows, and other authentic outdoor gear.
Full Demo 140MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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