Mercury Red Sonov Entertainment / ChoiRock Games 2012

This is a non-military free-to-play MMOFPS embedded with a visual style similar to Team Fortress 2. The story of the game is set in a city called Las Valuu where forces of the Federal Police battle against the Gangsters Cartel. A player can choose between 5 characters that have different skills and use different weapons. With gaining more combat experience a player can develop his character by adapting further skills in the "skill tree". 5 cartoon-like designed maps are available and 3 different game modes for now. ChoiRock Games has developed a very innovative FPS that is outstanding with a cartoon visual style which is a bit of a mixture of Film Noir and cartoon-psychedelic elements. It's, for the moment, available in Korea only. There's customization features for both weapons and character, a character growth and skill system, and automatic matching system. The game was shut down around 2016.
Download: None currently available

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