Cabela's Grand Slam Hunting: North American 29 nFusion Interactive LLC / Activision Publishing, Inc. 2000

Participate in the most authentic simulation of the ultimate hunting trophy! Take on 29 big-game animals including whitetail deer, Alaska-Yukon moose, black bears, bighorn sheep, barren ground caribou, American bison, desert mule deer and Columbia black-tailed deer. Travel to 8 different North American regions, 72 authentic square miles of terrain are simulated in various weather conditions. Use authentic Cabela gear, from tents to lures. You also get full arsenal of guns and bows and full range of vehicles, from trucks and ATVs to snowmobiles and boats. Two modes of play offer completely different experiences, though the locales and animals remain the same. The Quick Hunt option provides unlimited time to kill specific animals and earn high scores, and allows you to preset the starting distance from your prey in any given region. The Grand Slam event requires you to harvest at least one of all 29 species within a specific number of seasons. The difficulty level is tied to the number of seasons you choose, and penalties or failure to kill a particular animal found within the region will cost you a season. The arsenal includes a 12-gauge shotgun, four rifles (.243 small game, .270 all game, 338 big game, and .30-06 pump-action), a recurve bow, and a compound bow. Equipment consists of various types of optics, clothing, camping gear, accessories, and ammunition. A custom map editor is provided for creation of personal hunting territories and the Cabela website features an online search engine to view high top scores by hunter name, overall score, hunter name and animal, and animal.
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Clone ISO Demo 278MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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