Cabela's Big Game Hunter 4 Elsinore Multimedia Inc. / Activision Value Publishing, Inc. 2000

This has new 3-D rendered locations to explore: the forests of Michigan, Sierra Nevada highlands and desert, the Pennsylvania foothills and the Labrador Tundra in Canada. There are three main views of the game: A top-down view of the player where they can navigate around the map, avoiding hazards like quicksand and thin ice as well as view animals, both game and dangerous ones. There is a first-person view where the player enters various stands set-up by them throughout the map and can use various calls and lures to attract them in and finally a first-person real video of the animal in question, where players use the mouse to position the reticle on the "kill zone" of the prey in order to take it down. There are 400+ live action animal clips throughout the game. There are 70 different items that can be used during hunts, ranging from GPS finders, various calls, lures, scent removers, scopes, decoys, rangefinders and many more. 24 different animals are in the game, 9 of them huntable (deers, elk) and 15 non-huntable and various protected species, which can be shot, but the player will be penalized. Players can choose from 21 different weapons, ranging from 30.06 to Compound Bows. There is also a Game Warden's station where the player can learn of the hunting conditions, tips on hunting as well as the hunting regulations of the region. A "Challenge-Hunt" mode is present that is more mission-based that has a player complete a hunt in a certain fashion to advance or players can customize their own hunting locations by creating new maps for each region. There are Video and 3-D target ranges where players can hone their sharpshooter skills and can post high scores on Cabela's game website.
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