Corridors Of Power A.P. Gardner 2003

This game features the Retribution engine, a 3D game engine that includes many advanced features. Originally, the aim of the project was to learn 3D game design through the production of a simple game. Since then, following encouraging words from a number of people, the aim of the project expanded to the production of a complete freeware game. The first public release of the game occurred in March 1999 and consisted of a simple two-level demo of the game. The game and engine were regularly updated and generated much interest. The completed game has 7 levels. It takes place in a future world where humanity is enslaved by mind control and the elite rule from their castles. You are the hero who decides to rebel and must fight his way through a robot army and end the rule of the elite.
Free Game 19MB (uploaded by Arcades 3D)

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