Battlezone: Battle Grounds MacMillan Digital Publishing 1998

Continue the fight between the superpowers! The NSDF and CCA forces are at war again with over 95 new single-player missions and multiplayer maps for Battlezone! Only the best missions and maps have been selected from players around the globe. Take charge of a small brigade or a large mobile army and crush those who oppose you.
Play as the NSDF or the CCA as you take on the rival superpower, or go up against the deadly Furies. Play in capture-the-relic games, race along futuristic racetracks, or become a deadly sniper. Maps were chosen after conducting a contest in which players submitted their own creations.
The Pack contained 45 Instant Action missions and 50 multiplayer maps, along with providing a new utility to launch and manage maps.
Battlezone Gold Pack ISO Demo ~789MB (by Scaryfun)

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