Beach Head 2000 Digital Fusion / WizardWorks 2000

This is a simple stationary turret arcade shooter based on an old popular game on the Commodore 64. You are one guy in a turret on the beach against the invading army. They come at you with attack choppers, multiple landing crafts, dozens and dozens of soldiers, tanks, attack jets, and more. All you got is your turret, which is armed with machine guns, missiles, and more. Shoot them all, and you'll get to the next level, which features even MORE bad guys to shoot... Occasionally you'll get supplies airdropped, and you must shoot the swinging crate BEFORE it hits the ground... You must be accurate and strategically fire as your ammo is limited.
3-Level Demo ~16MB (uploaded by GameFront)
Full Demo ~12MB (by keropi)
ISO Demo + Patches ~18MB (uploaded by bfg9000)

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