Beast Wars Transformers Takara / Hasbro Interactive 1998

Based on the TV show, Beast Wars Transformers puts you in control of one of several transformers, allied with either the Maximals or the Predacons. The game includes five original and one hidden transformers for each team, all from the show. You must make your way through a total of 24 missions, through desert or urban environments. Each transformer can transform into it's own unique animal, which is necessary when traveling through the game. When transformed, each transformer has an upgradable weapon to defend itself from machine enemies but must return to its animal state to protect itself from harmful energon rays. You choose either the Maximals or Predacons to decide the fate of the galaxy. Unlike the console version, on PC it had an option to play with up to 8 people over LAN or online on MSN Gaming Zone.
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Level Demo 8MB ( @ Physics Ohio State)
Full Demo 27MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 492MB (by Egon68)

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