Into The Dark Homegrown Games / UIG GmbH 2012

You're Peter "Pete" O'Brannon, a Private Eye. In a B-movie plot, he investigates a huge underground facility created during the McCarthy era, the infamous era in which the United States was in a struggle against communism by any means and no budget item was too high. Accordingly spacious laboratories, dormitories, and even a movie theater and a brothel was available for a team formed from former 3rd Reich scientists and Japanese prisoners of war. Something has gone wrong and in addition to mutants, the first cybernetic organisms and experimental nerve gas experiments. Research was on the creation of an immortal, or in the event of his death, obedient soldiers. Instead there are now zombies, zombies, zombies! But beware - not every mutant is automatically an enemy, not every U.S. Marine is a potential ally. As you shoot more enemies, the blood will splatter your view, making it harder to see. It has 12 levels and sequences with 10 - 25 hours of gameplay, a multiplayer arena for 16 players, over 80 puzzles and challenges, more than 12 different types of enemies, oppressive atmosphere, pioneering damage and healing system, and achievements & RPG skills. It has over 5 hours of footage available in the in-game TV sets and movie projectors. This game is based upon the winning entry of the scariest game competition made with FPS Creator on The Game Creators and was two years in the making. In May/2014, a Ultimate Trash Edition was released with Oculus Rift support, new textures, intelligent motion blur, improved surface shaders, new splashscreen, hundreds of bugfixes, new scripts, new videos, new sounds, re-recorded voice overs, and Steam achievements.
Official Level Demo & X-Rated X-Mas Demo 537MB / 353MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
1-Level Contest Entry & Playable L5 Alpha Demo 173MB / 281MB (uploaded by IndieDB)
DVD ISO Demo 2.08GB (uploaded by Terje_P)
Ultimate Trash Edition - ISO Demo 2.98GB (uploaded by Egon68)

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