Strike II Millenium Interactive / ISC 1991

This sequel to Thunderstrike (1990), not to be confused with Core Design's Thunderstrike II which was a sequel to the helicopter fighter Thunderhawk, is another 3D spaceship shooter. It's not inferior to its predecessor in terms of playability, and in some ways even surpasses it. The plot of the game is much more vague, but it is good for the genre. Gameplay is based on missions (often not very much related to each other), the ultimate purpose of which, as a rule, is to make money to improve your ship and acquire all kinds of new weapons and equipment (if the ship is damaged during the mission - its repair, of course, will cost money, too.) It's possible to choose a pilot campaign for passage in four different races. And there will be different missions and ships, and features of these ships. Graphically the game looks great for 1991 with its variety of colors, the quality of drawing objects and almost full 3D (view the game in the first person, as in the first part). Add to this a really fascinating and sometimes very difficult gameplay and all that is described above - and you get a fitting end to a good game. In 1994, Strike 2 Enhanced was released.
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Full Demo 931kb (uploaded by
1994 Enhanced Full Demo 935kb (uploaded by Ofborg)

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