Vendetta Yo$hik 2019

This started as a single player episode for Return To Castle Wolfesnstein made by Yo$hik and had four levels where you are aiming for the elimination of four commanding officers. Intelligence Agency has learned that the nazi Germans developing based on new air apparatus "Helicopter" combat prototypes, which can destroy armored vehicles and infantry. Are you an agent resistance which had the task to destroy important person of the Third Reich. Now your mission is even more difficult and more important to find real evidence and documentation of the project before military prototypes apply in practice. v1.2 wass an improved version with more levels. Finally with v1.3, a standalone version was released in July/2019. –°hanged levels desing, textures, the art was redrawn, the re-sounding was performed, the music and sounds now sound respectively to the originals 44 and 48 khz and many other things. Built on ioRtCW modifications and contains RealMod from the box. All important settings are made in autoexec.cfg, the lighting on the levels depends on some of them. The light was arranged and compiled with these parameters in mind, consider this if you decide to customize it yourself, you can do it through the game menu (it will have an effect only for the current session) or with a notepad in autoexec.cfg
Download *requires Return to Castle Wolfenstein 61MB (uploaded by Wolffiles)
Download v1.2 *requires Return to Castle Wolfenstein 390MB (uploaded by GameBanana)
Standalone Free Game v1.3 1.7GB (uploaded by ModDB)

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