Bloodline Zima Software / Cenega 2004

This long-in-development Czech game (since 2000), has a dark horror environment and thrilling atmosphere which guides the hero, the lawyer Jim Card, through four chapters. Each of them presents a different time period and place of action. Jim Card reveals step by step the mystery of Dr. Brown's house. He meets with him in the beginning of game to defend him in a yet-beforehand-lost lawsuit. Doctor faces the indictment from committal of the worst crimes. In his private sanitarium Black Hill there were found massacred, tortured and dead bodies of all of his patients some time ago. Only Dr. Brown survived the bloody massacre and he immediately became the main suspect. As nobody accurately knows what happened in the sanitarium and the doctor determinedly keeps silent, Jim Card agrees with his insane condition and he lets himself be hypnotize by him. According to the doctor's words he must "live through personally" all the events. After the hypnosis the lawyer wakes up in the sanitarium and very quickly finds out that everything is only too real. The game has only come out in Eastern Europe so far. Bloodline is a survival horror game, in the vein of Silent Hill, but from a first person perspective. Fight your way through a variety of creepy locales, scrounging for weapons, ammo and health packs. There is also inventory-based puzzle-solving and a storyline that you must piece together through documents and other clues found along the way. The reticule in the center of the screen is also an adventure game style 'smart cursor,' changing its appearance when something can be examined, picked up or used. The game is divided into small areas, most consisting of only seven or eight rooms. For the most part, you have the freedom to move back and forth between areas as you like. However, the game helps to ensure you won't leave vital objects behind, by displaying a red exclamation mark in the top-left of the screen when there is something important nearby. Also, your character will often refuse to leave a map before you've achieved a certain task.
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Czech Level Demo 208MB (uploaded by Game Pressure)
Reviews by wkduffy
Polish ISO Demo 750MB (uploaded by Scaryfun) English pack 1.0 84KB (made by ripley/Trey & uploaded by Trey)
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