Hunting Unlimited 3 SCS Software / ARUSH Entertainment, ValuSoft, Inc. 2004

Featuring more than 50 missions as well as a Free Hunt mode, this offers numerous challenges for hunters, and like previous titles in the series, furnishes a large cache of weapons and accessories. Players will travel to Canada, Arizona, Tennessee, Maine, Oregon, and even Zambia, Africa, to bag both common and exotic trophies. Users can also design their own hunts by using the in-game Mission Editor and trade them with other hunters via e-mail, and a target range is available to bone up on one's marksmanship before heading out to the wilderness. At the hunter's disposal are over 30 firearms, bows, and accessories including a 12-gauge shotgun, .308 Bolt, long bow, wind indicator, animal calls, and much more. There are 13 big game animals to track, hunt, and add to the Trophy Room: buffalo, pronghorn, mountain goats, white-tailed deer, mule meer, grizzly bears, moose, elk, mountain lions, wild boar, lions, elephants, and kudu. When firing at wildlife, players can switch to a bullet camera and follow their shot all the way to the target.
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ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 384MB

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