Brat 2: Obratno v Ameriku (Brother 2: Back to America) Russobit-M 2000

This game is based on a plot of the famous Russian blockbuster movie "Brat 2". The main character of the game is a young Russian boy named Daniel (Danila). He learns that his brother is in the hands of the American mobsters and returns to America to help out his brother. As with any first-person shooter game, the player will going through various levels, killing enemies using firearms and cold steel. This game also has a few adventure elements. Daniel can pick up, use and combine different items, such as cutting pipes, nails, insulation tape, etc.
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Russian Level Demo ~54MB ( @ Absolute Games)
Russian ISO Demo 625MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo (no DRM protection) 367MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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