Duke Nukem Total Conversions: Platoon TNT Team 1996

In the Vietnam War is the setting for this complete conversion. It was one of the first done in for Duke Nukem 3D and has a new episode (6 maps) for Single Player/Cooperative play with realistic missions, plus a new episode (7 maps) for DukeMatch play including new versions of Bad Karma's map Beirut2 and IceBreaker's map Arabcity. Ruined cities, villages, jungles etc. War theme is very close and new textures are looking very good. Especially outside areas are looking very realistic and the ruined Hue city in the end. These levels are also full of airstrikes, artillerys and other military action. There are also suicide troops and cannon troops. Weapons: M16 (former pistol) is the most powerful and very accurate. Chaingun (or whatever SAW it is now) is useless because it's difficult to hit anyone with it. New Rocket Launcher holds ten rockets and it is very powerful. Flamer is poor and sniper totally sucks. Mines are also dangerous but they can be disarmed. It has a cool new inventory item for DukeMatch: Trip Flare and 35 new sounds and lots of new graphics. Indeed the opponents are not especially well animated, however, exciting and diverse missions provide for a lot of extreme fun! The degree of difficulty is very high though! For me this is the best addon for DukeNukem!
Download (platoon.zip for Duke Nukem 3d, platomic.zip for Duke Nukem Atomic Edition 4MB (uploaded by Gamers.org)
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Platoon Remake v1.1+ with HighResPack for eDuke32 27MB (uploaded by RTCM)
Fan-Made Maps
included in Duke Nukem 3D HRP 5.3 Fan-Made Compilation 871MB (uploaded by 3Spot)

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