Banzai Bug Gravity, Inc. / Grolier Interactive Inc. 1996

Banzai Bug is a flight simulator with a twist – you don’t fly a plane, you fly a bug! Banzai Bug is a wise-cracking insect with an attitude that belies his small size. Banzai finds himself trapped in the exterminator’s house, and the only way to get out is to help the resident bugs in their quest to rid the home of the evil Biggies (humans). Banzai is a top-notch pilot and the only one that can destroy the Robobugs and collect the disgusting ingredients for the Stinkulator, the ultimate weapon to eradicate the Biggies. The playing screen shows Banzai from a third-person view slightly behind him in flight. There are three modes of flight: Plane Mode is regular flight mode, Helicopter Mode allows you to hover and move vertically for precise maneuvers, and Look Around Mode allows you to look around without actually moving from your current location. Each enemy has three levels of expertise, with each being quicker and more difficult to destroy than the last. The most-encountered enemy is the Robobug. These are robotic insects that the Biggie exterminator has created to patrol his house and destroy any “real” bugs. There are also Static Spitters, which are ground-based gun installations. Attack Spitters are your rival robot flying aces. The Zappers are helicopter-like machines that emit lightning bolts to fry you. They’re very difficult to destroy and are best avoided. Last, but not least, are the Biggies. These Humans can’t be destroyed, but you can drive them away. Banzai only has a few weapons at his disposal to deal with the many enemies he encounters. The basic weapon is the spitball – unlimited ammo and moderate damage, you’ll use this 95% of the time. Banzai can also acquire up to nine Buzz power-ups. These give Banzai the ability to emit a quick, powerful lightning burst that will destroy an enemy in one shot. Banzai can also Punch enemies if they are very close. The Punch is also used to perform certain tasks, like punching the box of matches to knock a match out.
Level Demo 4MB (uploaded by CNET
ISO Demo 232MB (uploaded by
Clone ISO Demo 228MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Full Demo with PCem Win95 emulator 357MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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