Battle Race Soft Enterprises / Ikarion Software GmbH 1995

This is a journey into speed Ladies & Gentlemen ... Fasten your seat belts. Battle Race is the hardest and most difficult challenge to fly against the best and most wicked pilots of the universe. But pay attention! Quite a few pilots lost their life by trying to achieve money and honour. It features: 24 fantastic tracks at four different planets, 4 special courses for man against man battles, 30 ruthless computer controlled pilots with an extraordinary intellegence, 6 different types of spaceship with different abilities of battle and fight. It has an ingenious shop system with a huge number of different weapons and other useful equipment, network mode for up to 8 players, SVGA mode, a bombastic soundtrack and full digitalized language from CD, and a virtual presenter comments on every player on the network.
Full Demo 36MB (uploaded by
ISO Demo 545MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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