Come Get Some! Softkey 1997

This CD contains around a thousand of new maps for Duke Nukem, some enhanced maps, several tools to change and enhance the game, and several configuration files you can use to change the usual parameters of Duke Nukem. To use them, copy the .CON files in your DUKE NUKEM 3D directory and rename them into DEFS.CON, USER.CON, GAME.CON. Some sound and image files you can use with the level editor. Some icons took from Duke Nukem for use in your Windows applications. A DOS interface to launch Duke Nukem by selecting a .MAP file which is not in the game's directory. Some text files with tips and tricks about DN3D. Some text files to help you master Duke Nukem's level editor. Some updated device drivers for some graphical cards and sound cards.
French ISO Demo 22MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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