Night Work at the Factory 1999

This add-on is for KINGPIN the famous FPS with a real scenario and many cutscenes. It has a lot of new materials, textures, dialogs and original music. There's puzzles, platforms and intense fights. This add-on has been in production for over ten years so you can expect high quality. It's massive and so you can expect many hours of entertainment (similar in size to the original game). There are eight chapters all set in a different location. They include train yards, coal works, steel works, warehouses and a country estate.
Download v1.2 169MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Kingpin Proper Rip 1.21 + DockCity + Rags2Riches + KP2 + Night Work + Tourneymod_win32, and Mirror 130+1+114+15+176+28MB (uploaded by 3Spot)
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