Catechumen N'Lightning 2000

This is a Christian game made with the open source Genesis3d engine where you try and rescue your friends who have been captured by Roman soldiers. The year is 171 A.D. To help you in your quest, an angel gives you a sword that shoots God's power. There are also healing scrolls and armor in the catacombs along with demon enemies. The soldiers when shot aren't killed but are instead converted and drop to their knees and pray. As the Catechumen travels through the eighteen levels of catacombs, the foes and the puzzles become increasingly difficult. Anytime it seems as though boredom with the similarity of a level is about to occur, something new always seems to appear to rejuvenate interest in the game. Besides the Romans, you must also face off against demons, devils, lions, hounds, fallen angels, and leviathans. And what would a Christian game be without big red himself, the foe of all foes - Satan. Puzzles are for the most part the same old find-a-key, push-a-box garden variety, but there are occasional bursts of inspiration, such as a puzzle involving a pipe organ and Amazing Grace. Some sleuthing is required as it is not always wise to confront a guard, and sneaking past open doorways that emit voices is often recommended.
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Level Demo 33MB ( @ N'Lightning-HP)
Full Demo ~80MB (upload by keropi) Movies Addon ~41MB (upload by Scaryfun) Intro Addon+Fix ~8MB (upload by MasteromaN)
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ISO Demo 162Mb (upload by Egon68)

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