Specnaz: Antiterror [Ru] GOG Games / Media Service 2000 2004

The plot of the single player campaign consists of fifteen full-length missions and tells the story of a lone commando who dared to defy the terrorists right in their own den. July 12, 2007 - a gang of heavily armed mercenaries in camouflage suits, capture the secret laboratory in Mozdok, Republic of Chechnya. They are planning to use biological weapons. Exterminate the army of thugs, in appearance resembling those from the Caucasus. There are five types of weapons: classic army knife, pistol, shotgun, machine gun and a grenade launcher. Save your ammo because you will very rarely come across more, as well as first aid kits. It uses the Quake 2 engine.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo (provided by PavelDAS) *mount in WinCDEmu 1.01GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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